Tim "Timo" Olson


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     Tim Olson or as his friends call him "Timo" (pronounced Tim-Oh) is a author, podcast host, blogger & motivator who tells his unique story in his book "Growing Up Nobody".  Timo loves to share his story and has a special passion for helping people become the best they can be.  Timo uses his experiences to help others overcome their obstacles and move forward so that they can live happy and fulfilling lives.  He helps others improve their daily lives, their marriages, helps men become better husbands and fathers and encourages all to break the line of dysfunction that so often holds us back.  Timo believes that not passing on dysfunction to the next generation is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children and is the real meaning of success.  Timo is a Christian and also believes that being faithful servants to Christ helps create strong leaders in our homes, our churches, and at work and in our communities. Timo played a key role in the development of "Men of Hope", a men's ministry at Hope Lutheran Church in Fargo where he is still active hosting Bible studies and other events.  He also motivates others with his book, his podcast "The Timo Show" his blog, interviews and speaking engagements. 

     Timo was born and raised in Fargo ND where is lives today with his wife Lori of 20 years.  Together they raise their three children Brad, Alex & Hannah and work together running their small business.  Timo spent a major part of his life overcoming many hardships life dealt him and he now uses his experiences to inspire others.  His personal quote is "Success in not about the amount of money you make, it's about breaking the line of dysfunction in your family" and he believes that forgiveness is the key that unlocks that door.  Forgiveness is the only way to free yourself and allow yourself to live a happy and meaningful life.  He believes it is essential to forgive those who have hurt you but more than anything you must learn to forgive yourself.

"Success isn't about the amount of money you have in the bank, it's about breaking the line of dysfunction in your family."

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