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I can talk to your small group, church, 

conference, or 

corporate event.  I can talk about a variety of subjects that include:

​What a beautiful witness of what God can do. - Judy Siegle


Timo was one of the featured speakers at Purpose Walk 2016!

Personal Testimony - When I talk about my testimony you will hear about my life growing up in a home with dysfunction.  You will hear about the events that turned me away from Christ including my fathers mental illness and the death of my parents. Then I talk about how a simple act changed my life and started my journey to know Christ.  This talk brings tears to the eyes and hope in your heart.

Breaking Dysfunction (Rewriting Your Story) - In this talk I talk about the need for breaking the line of dysfunction in your family. Whether it be something big like verbal or physical abuse, alcoholism or something small, not passing certain behaviors down to the next generation is what true success really is.  In this talk you will be motivated to become a better you so that you will be the hero your children need.

Unleashing The Power of Forgiveness - Jesus talks a lot about forgiveness. In fact he requires it of us. There is power in forgiveness and we all struggle to forgive. In this talk I talk about how forgiveness has helped me move forward and broke the chains of anger and bitterness I once felt.

Motivation in Business - Coming soon

Getting along in Marriage - Coming soon

Being the Dad you wish you had - Coming soon 

If you are in the Fargo-Moorhead area and have a group that would love to hear a story of survival and of God's grace and forgiveness at work for FREE contact he at: I am also available out of the F-M area.  Please contact me for pricing.

​We were all blessed by you honesty and faithfulness. - Pastor Paul Nynas 

We were truly blessed to have the opportunity to hear your story. You're a model of Christian discipleship. - Jim


​Timo talking at Man Talk Dec, 2016

I share my story with anyone who will listen and I have been featured in the blog "Dad of Diva's" and on the podcasts "Don't Box Me In", "Don't Give Up Radio", "Father Nation", "We Choose Respect Parentcast" and many others.  I was also a featured speaker at the Purpose Walk Summit in 2016.  If you host a podcast, a radio show or host a conference I would make a great guest for your audience.  I can talk about a variety of subjects including but not limited to fatherhood, marriage, being bullied, depression, forgiveness and my own testimony on how Christ has changed my life.