Realizing that the time had come to remake herself.  Freedom was a spirit call from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Rebecca arrived in Santa Fe in 2008 and fell in love with the blue skies, clean mountain air, a vibrant community and the arts.  Her first poem was written under a juniper tree.

The Timo Show #71 - Guest Damien Horne -

The Timo Show #68 - Guest Mark Hardcastle -

WELCOME TO THE TIMO SHOW  You did it, you found the online home of the Timo Show.  The Timo Show is a fun and entertaining show hosted by Tim Olson or otherwise known at "Timo"  Timo is a motivator and author who inspires us all to be the best that we can be. Each weekly show features interviews with guests who are experts in their field or have lived an extra ordinary life.  Our guests will inspire you and give you hope.  The show can be found right here, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spreaker, Stitcher, Google Play Music and NOW YOUTUBE!! 

The Timo Show #72 - Guest Rebecca Fitton -

The Timo Show #67 - Guest....TIMO! -

Peter has been an avid reader and learner all his life. He has found that doing research for his books is exciting and stimulating. He enjoys talking about his reading and research with his friends, and, as he has said, "They haven't walked away from me yet."

Over the last 73 episodes we have had many musical guests on the show. Today's show features some of their music. 

The Timo Show #69 - Timo's BIG announcement -

The TImo Show #70 - Guest Peter Pactor -

The TImo Show #73 - Special Music Episode

Timo talks about forgiveness at Man Talk Dec 8th 2016

The Timo Show #74 - Guest Scott Perkins

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Scott Perkins has been a pastor for the past 15 years and wants to help you transform your behaviors and relationships by gaining your perspective on your identity in Christ.

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4-25-17 - Timo Show with guest Scott Perkins

5-2-17 - Timo Show with guest Heather Wilde

5-9-17 - Timo Show with guest Barby Ingle & Amanda Greene 

 Damien what his purpose in life is, that’s probably what he’d say: to make others believe that they can fulfill their own purpose in this world. Whether it’s through his songs, his public speaking platform or simply via a one-on-one conversation, you’ll walk away from him feeling like anything is possible. -

Mark Hardcastle is the author of "The Symphony of Your Life" Mark uses his life experiences to help motivate others through those hard times in your life.